Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fantastic Fitness Foods

In this blog post I'm going to share with you the specifics of the different categories of foods which make up my nutrition plan. I call them my fantastic fitness foods! Each food category makes up a balanced diet that's high on nutrition. This is not a fad diet and it's not a weight-loss scheme, although one of the natural results for people who are overweight will be the loss of excess fat. This is about a long-term plan of consistent exercise and proper diet. If you will stick to it like I have, you will also experience a better quality of life. You have nothing to lose except all the fat and bad habits.  So without further ado, let's review the healthy whole foods that can fuel and heal us!

1.   Healthy Fats.  That's right, your body needs fat to be healthy.  But not all fats are of benefit.  So let's cut the mustard.  I select one daily serving (2 tablespoons) from among the following oils:

Olive Oil. extra virgin
Coconut Oil, extra virgin
Flaxseed Oil
Hemp Hearts

Limit and or avoid as much as possible butter, margarine, lard and shortening.  These fats are artery clogging!

2.  Whole Grains.  If the grain cannot be sprouted, it's not whole and should be avoided.  Whole grains are a natural source of protein as well as a source of carbohydrates, fat and fiber, and are made into many different kinds of foods.  I try to select 2 servings daily (one serving=1/2 cup) from among the following grains:

Rolled Oats
Brown Rice or Wild Rice

I avoid refined grain products such as white rice, white flour, white bread, pasta (non-whole wheat varieties).  Fueling up on whole grains has consistently been linked with a significant decrease in risk factors like cardiovascular disease.

3.  Dairy and dairy substitutes.  I believe that milk is mother nature's perfect food for a calf, until it's weaned.  Calcium?  Where do cows and other animals get calcium for their bones?  From plants!  Enough said.  There are however some healthy dairy choices and nondairy foods I'd recommend.  I use 1-2 daily servings (1 servings=8 ounces or 1 cup) of the following:

Organic low fat Greek yogurt
Goat milk or goat cheese
Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Rice Milk
Soy Milk
Soy-based cheeses and yogurt
Kefir (fermented dairy products)

Reducing your intake of dairy will cut back on your levels of unhealthy saturated fat and lower cholesterol.

4.  Lean Proteins. This may help you to feel fuller longer than other foods. It doesn't mean sacrificing the foods you love for bland protein shakes and tofu.  There are many ways to fit lean proteins that are delicious into a nutritious diet.  The following lean protein foods are those that provide a rich source of protein, but little, if any unhealthy fat.  I eat up to two servings daily (1 serving=one palm size) of the following:

Red Snapper
Salmon, Wild
Chicken breast
Turkey breast
Organic Eggs
Organic Lean Ground Beef (eaten on very rare occasions)
Organic Top Sirloin (eaten on very rare occasions)

I believe that the best choices of animal proteins are from fish and poultry.  These are among the many lean protein foods that supply nutrients that are vital for to the health and maintenance of your body.  If you have to go with beef, make it from among the leanest cuts possible, small portions and only as an occasional part of your diet.

5.  Seeds & Nuts.  Nuts and seeds are very healthy and nutritious. In addition to being excellent sources of protein, nuts and seeds have many other benefits such as vitamin B and E, minerals, fiber, and other chemicals that may prevent cancer and heart disease. I eat 2-3 servings daily (serving-one tablespoon)  from among the following:

Chia seeds
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Nuts and seeds contain the good, essential fats that actually help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  They really are natures perfect booster food packed with nutrients! 

6.  Legumes.  These are a class of vegetables that includes beans, peas and lentils  and are among the most versatile and nutritious foods available.  They also contain beneficial fats and fiber. A good source of protein, legumes can be a healthy substitute for meat.  Many supermarkets and food stores stock a wide variety of legumes, both dried and canned. Watch the food labels for high salt content on canned products.  Here are several of the more common types that I eat 4-5 times a week. (1 serving=1 cup cooked)

Adzuki beans
Anasazi beans
Black beans
Black-eyed peas
Split peas
White beans
Lima beans

These foods are loaded with protein, fiber and vitamins.  They're pretty inexpensive and easy to prepare and add to your meals as soups, salads or dips.

7.  Fruits.  Two or three daily servings of fruit (one whole fruit or 1 cup fresh berries or chopped) contains significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and the all important phytochemicals.   Fruit is best served fresh, unpeeled and washed!  If you can afford it, buy organic where possible to minimize your exposure to pesticides.  It has been widely researched that the more fruit a person consumes, they reduce their risk of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Fruit provides your body with vital nutrients that help to fight infections, while repairing cells at the same time. 

Here are just a few of the fruits I enjoy.


By eating fruit, you are increasing the chances of you leading a long and disease free life.  Most fruits are packed with fiber that will keep your digestive system running smoothly. Bodily waste will not be stuck for days as you fight the battle of constipation.  Finally, by eating fruit you will feel much better inside. Not only that but you will look better as well because your skin and hair are in better shape. So, it does not matter really what fruits you like, just eat them!

8.  Vegetables.  I buy my veggies fresh and a very few frozen.    Vegetables are perfectly matched for the nutritional needs of your body.  They're low in calories and and fat and give you a lot of energy.  They provide a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fiber and loaded with phytonutrients!  These include all of the unique substances that give foods their brilliant colors, their delicious flavors, and their unique aromas. They are also the nutrients most closely linked to prevention of certain diseases.    I eat 2-3 daily servings ( serving=1 cup, cooked or raw).  Here is a list from among the best vegetables I like to eat.

Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes/Yams
Squash (all varieties)
Brussels sprouts
Red, Green, Yellow, Orange Peppers

The best way to get the vital nutrients your body needs is through eating whole, fresh organic vegetables.  Personally I am consuming about 60 percent of my diet as raw, including raw organic eggs.  Remember that eating any vegetable is better than eating no vegetables at all!

9.  Leafy Greens.  Did you know that there are nearly one thousand species of  plants with edible leaves known!  Leaf vegetables are typically low in calories, low in fat, high in protein per calorie, high in dietary fiber, high in iron and calcium, and very high in phytochemicals such as Vitamin C, cartenoids, lutein, folate as well as Vitamin K.  From among the following list, I eat unlimited daily servings.  

Romaine Lettuce
Collard Greens
Beet Greens
Bok Choy
Lettuce in all its varieties

Make a salad, wrap it up, add to it a soup, stir fry it, steam it or put it in your raw green smoothie!  Healthy eating is a way of balancing the food you eat to keep your body strong, energized, and well nourished. 

As you have read in my previous blog posts, what you eat has a direct effect on how you feel and how you look.  Ditch the unhealthy processed foods and speed up your health with whole foods for better digestion, stronger muscles, more energy, clearer thinking and alertness and a positive quality of life.  The foods I eat and have written about here are not only nourishing, but are delicious.  It's simple and it's easy and you too can benefit from a new eating plan.  Like I said in the beginning, this is not a fad diet or a weight loss scheme.  It's a way of life.  But it starts with you and planning for success.  When we fuel our bodies right, our bodies will function right and give us years of satisfaction.

If you want the straight dope on fueling your body with nutritious food and what to avoid, I'm here to help and it won't cost you a penny for the free advice based on my own experience and what has worked for me.  I hope you'll follow my blog and provide me with some feedback on my posts.  I'll be catering good choices that include both dietary and lifestyle changes.  So if you could use a boost to your engine, buckle up for the ride of your life and let's get started!


  1. I saw your comment on a Vitamix comment on Facebook. You have lots of fantastic information here, thank you for posting your link...This is the kind of condensed information i find very very helpful

  2. Thank you for visiting the blog Tacoma Jo and commenting on the post. I use my Vita-Mix blender to make fantastic fitness food smoothies that I take to work so that I have good nutrition on the go!