My Progress

Pictures February 1st, 2011 Weight 240 pounds

Pictures February 28th, 2011 Weight 222 pounds

Pictures March 31st, 2011 Weight 210 Pounds

Pictures April 30th, 2011 Weight 197 pounds

Pictures May 31st, 2011 Weight 186 pounds

Pictures July 4th, 2011 Weight 179.4 pounds

Pictures August 1st, 2011 Weight 174.8 pounds

My day 1 to day 180 metamorphosis on youtube.


  1. something to be very proud of... congrats! I hope to have something similar to this on my page soon.

  2. Thats amazing, way to go!
    The change in the back is shocking, you must have worked the lats and shoulders really hard.
    Well done!