Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beginner, Striver or Warrior?

Fitness expert Tony Horton is the driving force behind my health success! I strongly recommend the Beachbody workout he created called P90X. Chances are you've either seen an infomercial, watched a news related health story, or seen his book. After reading my blog, you may be asking yourself if this is for you or if it'll be too overwhelming. I asked the same questions and wondered if this was just going to be another one of those fad programs we've all seen others try and fail. There are so many individuals who have shared their stories of transformation that are simply incredible!! These people are not making this stuff up and neither am I. P90X debuted in 2004 to provide a rigorous regimen for people with some experience in fitness programs. However, the training is not only geared toward those who are seasoned at exercising, but also to those who are just beginners. It really does offer workouts for all levels.  If I could do it, I know you can too!

So just what is P90X? Its a 90-day program that combines a variety of exercise techniques including strength training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics and stretching. The program consists of a nutrition guide, fitness plan, calender and series of DVD videos featuring Tony Horton as instructor assisted by several fitness models who demonstrate the different workout levels depending on whether you're a beginner, a striver or a warrior! So you can follow along with moves at a lower and or higher level of intensity depending on your level of fitness and goals. If you're unsure of your current fitness level, there's even a fitness test.

Beginner is what it says on the label. You're beginning. You want to make a change, you're probably out of shape, carrying around substantial extra weight, and need a place to start. Beginners make small dietary changes at a time, get active and modify moves to a beginner level.  A Striver is perhaps someone who has less to lose, who is doing a lot of things right but maybe has plateaued. A striver eats clean, works out regularly, and is striving for that healthy lifestyle (and is on the way).  A Warrior is top of the chain - bringing it every workout, a peak performer, in fact I'd say performance is a key component to the Warrior. Warriors don't just do the full move, they add an advanced component.   So the question is - which are you?

The P90X program cycle goes 13 weeks, training six days per week and the seventh day as a stretch/rest day. The three training blocks during the 90 days of the program can be performed one of three ways called "classic", "lean" or "doubles," that you select according to your goals. Do you want to shed pounds of fat and strengthen muscles? Go lean! Do you want to build more muscle and tone up? Go classic! If you want to maximize both, go doubles! My first round I did the "lean" version.  I'm on my second round doing the "classic" version.  Most of the workouts are less than 1 hour in duration. The Abdominal workout called AB Ripper X is 15 minutes and is done 2-3 times per week depending on the program you choose.   Here's an example of the classic program routine.

The greatest benefit from P90X is the years of consultation done by Tony Horton with fitness experts and experimenting with a wide variety of disciplines to find the most effective moves. The 12 different workouts are based on a training concept called periodization, or "muscle confusion." This method of cross-training is achieved through switching the order of exercises and incorporating new moves and varied movements. From my own experience now using the method for the past 4 and half months has prevented my body from adapting to exercises over time and resulting in continual improvement without plateaus.

It has significantly improved my physical fitness in the first 90 days and continues to do so combined with the right nutrition and dietary supplement plan.  I consider myself somewhere between a Striver and a Warrior and it get's better as each week goes by! I am looking forward to the release of P90X2 later this year!

If you want the straight dope on fueling your body with nutritious food and what to avoid, I'm here to help and it won't cost you a penny for the free advice based on my own experience and what has worked for me.  I hope you'll follow my blog and provide me with some feedback on my posts.  I'll be catering good choices that include both dietary and lifestyle changes.  So if you could use a boost to your engine, buckle up for the ride of your life and let's get started!

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