Friday, June 17, 2011

You Are What You Eat

In an essay entitled Concerning Spiritualism and Materialism, 1863/4, Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach wrote: "Der Mensch ist, was er ißt."

It means the food one eats has a bearing on what one's state of mind and health. The actual phrase didn't emerge in English until some time later. I have become a strong believer in the idea that food controls your health! If you're like me, then the food you consume is much more than about filling your appetite. Perhaps you want to lose weight and be leaner. Maybe your goal is to gain more energy and get more done. Or you simply want to be fit and stronger, feel better and improve your appearance. All of these and more can be accomplished by what you put in your mouth!

What are the most important foods for you right now that will help you succeed with your goals of health and vitality? Weight loss has a lot more to do with what you eat than how much you eat. Finding out what nutrients and foods are most likely to help you succeed can be a confusing task with such an abundance of information available and so many conflicting views and opinions. There is a learning curve for how to eat the right foods that will eventually lead to you becoming completely self sufficient at nourishing your body.  But this task is so simple, effective and easy that it's often just overlooked or not given serious consideration.  Sometimes we just can't see the forest for the trees.  All too often people look to a miracle food, a drug, a pill, a surgery, a gizmo or gadget that will get them the body they want, when all along the solution is within easy reach.  This solution isn't the easiest path to take.

Yes, there are challenges, struggles and hurdles to overcome.  But when the results happen, and they will, it motivates you to push further and harder.  These changes can happen very rapidly, but considering it took years and years to get into the situation in the first place, it should come as no surprise that it can take time to reverse and it will take effort and hard work to achieve it.   It is so worth it!  Now is the time to bring it!

The food industry has done an incredible job of snow balling the public and pulling the wool over our eyes by convincing us that re-engineered foods are actually healthy for us.  Here's a new flash folks, healthy foods are just the way mother nature intended them to be, in their whole natural state!   Ever take the time to look at the label of the pre-packaged food you're purchasing?  Don't take anything for granted that the manufacturer of the food claims is healthy, natural, etc.  READ THE NUTRITION and INGREDIENTS LABEL!!  It's time to get back to the basics.  Those basics include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.  In my opinion, value processed foods may have value to the manufacturer, but they have little if any value to the consumer.

If you want the straight dope on fueling your body with nutritious food and what to avoid, I'm here to help and it won't cost you a penny for the free advice based on my own experience and what has worked for me.  I hope you'll follow my blog and provide me with some feedback on my posts.  I'll be catering good choices that include both dietary and lifestyle changes.  So if you could use a boost to your engine, buckle up for the ride of your life and let's get started!

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